Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Chicago Bucket List

(UPDATED, 7.30.11)

Two months until I move to Boston, and I have a list of things to do, see, re-do, re-see, and generally absorb in order to feel I can say goodbye to Chicago. In compiling this list, it has been less about "What do I need to do as a Chicagoan," and more about "In six months, what will I wish I had eaten?"

Apparently leaving the Midwest means getting as fat as you can. *Insert dramatic sigh.*

The list, in no order other than as I wrote it (food-related in red):

Take pictures at Buckingham Fountain
Smoque BBQ
Tango Sur (8.30.11)
Spacca Napoli
Kuma's - replaced by Bad Apple (7.21.11)
Peaquod's (7.3.11)
BodyWorlds exhibit at MSI (8.26.11)
Jellyfish exhibit at Shedd/Jazzin' at the Shedd (7.27.11)
AIC (7.4.11)
MCA - Farmer's market at MCA Tuesdays, live jazz Tuesday evenings (7.19.11)
Green City Market Wednesday and Saturday mornings (I go every Sat.)
Hancock Tower (8.20.11)
Willis (SEARS) Tower skybox (6.28.11)
Frank Lloyd Wright House
Butterfly room at Notebaert
Le Coloniale
Davanti Enoteca
Midwest Buddhist Temple meditation (Sunday 9am)
River East Art Center
M Henry (brunch) (7.23.11)
High tea at the Drake
Gospel brunch at House of Blues (8.21.11)
Cubs/Sox game (7.3.11)
Buy a Blackhawks shirt
Acro-yoga (Brent's class, also Marron's Vinyasa class at ID Gym)
Go-Cycle (Angela's class)
YogaView (Suzanne's class)
Namaskar (Lourdes' class)
Chicago School of Hot Yoga (Jessica's class)
Bongo Room (8.31.11)
Harmony Grill
Ann Sather (for cinnamon rolls)
4 Corners bar crawl (8.27.11)
Big Star tacos (8.9.11)
Ferris wheel at Navy Pier
French market (Penny!)
Archery (Brooke!)
Zed 451 (8.12.11)
Kanela brunch (7.16.11)
Drink wine at the beach at moonrise (7.15.11)

Suggestions to add to the list as well as company with whom to complete it are welcome! I plan to update this with dates (in parentheses) as I have things planned. It would be a lovely parting gift to me to see anyone who happens to show up at these places and events as I work my way through them.


  1. Whew! I was very nervous to read your list. What if there were things on it I HAD to do before leaving (in 13 days)?! But I'm happy to say that 1) your list is fabulous, and 2) I do not need to triple my 'To Do' list. (Thank heavens!) I can safely say I've done Buckingham Fountain, MSI, Shedd, Planetarium, Field, AIC, MCA (including the Farmer's Market & jazz -- Dee Alexander is singing Aug. 2 and she's one of my favorites -- you might like her), GreenCity Market, Hancock, Willis (with you!), Notebaert, and the ferris wheel. I can also advocate for Adam's suggestion of the Ba'Hai Temple (which I paired in one summer day with the Botanic Gardens) -- breathtaking all around. And Heather's suggestion of the Caldwell Lily Pond is right across the street for the Notebaert for an easy 1,2 punch. And I've eaten at Spacca Napoli (delizioso!), Kuma's (loud and so much meat), Harmony Grill (yum), and M Henry (my favorite on your list). I'm so excited for you to have these adventures and check them off your list. (And I TOTALLY think you can do at least 75% of them!) You will be a Chicagoan who has LIVED by the time to become a Bostonian! Thanks for sharing your list!

  2. This looks pretty comprehensive to me, Kate. Best of luck with your move!