Monday, November 30, 2009

The First Gift

So here it is: I got fired. And now I have a blog. There is more in between and I believe I have more going for me than some words in the online universe, but that's the whole of it.

How do you come back from the ultimate embarrassment of being fired from a bar? If you are me, you do three things:

1.) You call everyone you know and cry.

2.) You hole yourself up in your kitchen with Bon Appetit and cook your face off.

3.) You start a blog to extol one of the things you feel you still do well.

As you can see, I am on step three. And I gift well.

I have always given good gifts. I am not talking about being able to find the perfect "thing," or being able to spot the latest trend. One look at my outfit right now confirms this point. (Baseball hat, oversized sweater, scuffed jeans and sensible Dansko shoes.) I am not writing to convince you to match me in my ugly clothes or run out to get unneeded chatchkes. The saving grace of not working in a bar anymore is not having to convince people to buy things they clearly do not need. Plus, my financial fragility reaffirms the importance of gifting creatively.

If you are so inclined to follow me here this year, this is what I intend to do -- I will list a gift idea every day, with the obligatory story behind it. If I miss a day, the following post will include an extra gift idea so that on November 30, 2010, this blog will have the full 365 gift ideas. Getting fired should have an upswing beyond not having to deal with drunk assholes. In order for me to find this upswing, I need to put some positive karma into cyber-verse. This blog is my first gift.

May we all Gift Well together.